User Testing - Diana Barraza
Diana Barraza designs digital products ranging from enterprise software to mobile apps. She focuses on interaction design, user research, user testing, wireframing and prototyping.
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CHALLENGE, an Idealab venture, connected with Interactivism to test its visual search engine app. Our goal was twofold: to gut check their design and to investigate how users utilize search engines.


  • Drafted an ad to recruit participants, including a link to a survey in order to gauge potential participants’ familiarity with apps and technology
  • Evaluated respondants’ general interest in our research opportunity and ensuring that they were not “professional” market researchers
  • Wrote a phone interview script and briefly spoke with the best candidates over the phone
  • Scheduled approximately a dozen candidates and invited them to our office where I conducted one-on-one interviews, in which I went over their search habits and second, I had them use the app–as they would their preferred search engine in order to conduct various tasks
  • Drafted a report including our observations and design recommendations
  • Met with our client and discussed both our design recommendations and user expectations
  • Ultimately, we saved our client both time and money with our recommendations and conclusions