Scoutables - Diana Barraza
Responsive web app design for Scoutables, a baseball analytics app.
ux, user experience, visual design, ui, mobile app, software, interaction, los angeles designer, mobile app designer
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Design a Major League Baseball analytics application that will allow users to access analytics and daily player reports. Focusing on data visualization, the Scoutables web application provides insights for every MLB player and team.


  • Produced sketches that captured user needs and requirements, focusing on the player, position and team detail pages.
  • Developed the application’s wireframes that would provide the foundation for visual design.
  • Worked on assets such as icons, player and team placeholder assets, diagrams of all baseball stadiums and ultimately, the  final UI.
  • Walked through the design with stakeholder to quickly iterate and refine the design.
  • Conducted QA testing and helped to articulate interaction design to the development team.
diana barraza ux ui app mlb
diana barraza ux ui app design