Marketing Dashboard (UX / Interaction Design) - Diana Barraza
Diana Barraza designs digital products ranging from enterprise software to mobile apps. She focuses on interaction design, user research, user testing, wireframing and prototyping.
ux, user experience design, UI, visual design, interaction design, los angeles designer, diana barraza, mobile app, software, enterprise software, enterprise design, cisco, idealab, print design, graphic design, marketing, copywriting
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Design a dashboard that allows users to manage marketing and usability campaigns for clients that are conducted through the Use Hans app. The campaigns collect polling data and psychometric analyses of text chat sessions between research participants. The dashboard must allow users to quickly scan, filter and compare different data sets.


  • Produced sketches that captured user needs and requirements
  • Developed dashboard wireframes that would provide the foundation for visual design
  • Walked through the design with stakeholder to quickly iterate and refine the design


  • Julian Scaff, Project Lead
  • Diana Barraza, UX + Wireframes + Interaction Design
  • Kristina Yu, Visual Design
marketing dashboard enterprise