Cisco Metacloud: Capacity Reporting - Diana Barraza
Having worked on Cisco Metacloud products for over two years—many from inception to final shipment—Diana Barraza has collaborated with Cisco stakeholders on requirements in order to translate those requirements into an effective and compelling user experience. I am passionate about Enterprise user experience and visual design and exploring new ways to visualize data.
Enterprise, software, cloud management, cisco, metacloud, enterprise design, software design, ux
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Since joining Interactivism in March 2015, I have worked as a design lead for Cisco Metacloud, a full self-service enterprise system that helps administrators and end users manage their clouds. I work on dashboard features and customer service experiences.


Transform the preexisting .txt file report, utilizing data visualization in order to display raw data as charts and graphs.


Add a Reporting section to the Cisco Metacloud dashboard that will let administrators get a weekly overview of cloud capacity.


Exploration: Conducted comparative analysis to understand best practices for chart design.


Brainstorm: Quick low fidelity wireframes were sketched out in the early brainstorming phase to highlight user expectations.


Test: After producing high fidelity wireframes, we tested the design with stakeholders.