Cisco Metacloud: Customer Portal - Diana Barraza
Diana Barraza designs digital products ranging from enterprise software to mobile apps. She focuses on interaction design, user research, user testing, wireframing and prototyping.
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Since joining Interactivism in March 2015, I have worked as a design lead for Cisco Metacloud, a full self-service enterprise system that helps administrators and end users manage their clouds. I work on dashboard features and customer service experiences.


Create a customer onboarding experience in which customers can setup their networking details and other vital information for their virtual servers.


Replace a PDF form with a digital customer configuration experience, including a help panel and diagrams.


Collaborate with Interactivism’s design team and create high fidelity wireframes for the onboarding process.


Design networking graphics and a complete icon library that will work seamlessly with the entire Metacloud system.