Diana Barraza: UX/UI Designer + Content Specialist
About Diana Barraza, interaction and visual designer in Los Angeles. Diana Barraza designs digital products ranging from enterprise software to mobile apps.
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I’m Diana Barraza, a dedicated designer who solves problems with intuitive design. I consider myself a UX/UI generalist, specializing in interaction design, user research, testing, wireframing, prototyping, UX writing and visual design. I work strongly with fellow designers and strive to work collaboratively with project managers, developers and engineers in order to ship exceptional products. I work quickly to meet deadlines, obsess over details and get excited about refining designs until they are pixel perfect.


I am currently with Interactivism, a UX studio based in Pasadena, CA. At Interactivism, I have focused on enterprise design, working as a design lead with our largest client, Cisco Metacloud, as well as mobile application and web projects for startups. I began my career working as a design and marketing specialist for SaaS hospitality technology.


I consider myself an advocate for continuing education and I have worked as an Instructional Associate for General Assembly’s UX program in Los Angeles, as well as a workshop leader teaching GA’s Intro to UX Design. I strive to be a catalyst in the design community for important dialogue and I am the co-founder of Enterprise Tech LA, a NELAUX sister organization.

Design Tools:

Sketch, Sketch Plugins (i.e. Zeplin, Craft), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Omnigraffle

Prototyping Tools:

InVision, Atomic.io, Principle, Hype Pro

Web Proficiency:

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, CMS (WordPress, Joomla)



I graduated from the University of Southern California with dual BA degrees in International Relations—a social science discipline—and German. Shortly after, I received my MSc at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland in Literature & Transatlanticism, a global studies program focusing on multicultural and multiracial identities and discourses. Having taken extracurricular courses in the arts throughout her academic career, I applied my research and analytical approach to the field of user experience design, continuing my studies in UX and visual design while working in marketing and design for a hospitality tech software company and a law firm specializing in privacy & data security. Upon finishing my user experience program in 2014, I participated in a wearable tech hackathon sponsored by Jawbone where my team won.


In my spare time, I love collecting records, writing music and traveling. I understand Spanish, speak German and I have lived in Freiburg, Germany and Edinburgh Scotland. Some of my favorite destinations include Iceland and the Galápagos Islands.

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